Diane Burrell, Writer

A portfolio of my professional work

About Me


I’ve been a writer for as far back as I can remember, publishing poems, selling short stories and having screenplays optioned. I love words and how they can bring to life a sight, a sound, a taste or a texture.



I like to tell a good story. Whether its product copy, a newsletter, a brochure, a script or a short story, everything should flow.



I wrote the majority of the print catalog for Script City, a mail-order memorabilia company that specialized in Hollywood books, scripts, photos and collectibles. I wrote everything from blurbs about a Twilight Zone book to laying out the differences between first draft scripts and continuities. While at Bidz.com, I produced the Certified Merchants Monthly Newsletter. I also wrote a Users Manual for those same merchants who were selling on the Bidz.com website.

With each subsequent employer, I’ve learned and sharpened skills that have made me a better researcher, writer and salesperson.


Contact Me

I live in Los Angeles, California. I am available for on-site work in the immediate area, and by telecommunication anywhere. Skype is our friend.

Please feel free to contact me via email at: dianeburrell5@gmail.com.

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