Diane Burrell, Writer

A portfolio of my professional work

The Stem Society Project

The Stem Society Project was a submission for a new online retailer specializing in designer floral arrangements. The idea was to bring the garden inside, using flowers and plants as interior design. I loved the concept and submitted samples based on images they provided. Applicants also provided suggestions for the name of the new website.

My submissions were:

Petals – An Online Purveyor of Style In Bloom

Botanical Interiors

Interior Design from the Sophisticated Garden

Interior Elements From the Garden

Petals and Stems – Sophisticated Flowers for Stylish Design.

The company seemed unable to move forward, however, and there was no further word on hiring writers. (If you have any information on what happened to The Stem Society, I would love to know.)

I really enjoyed this as a research and writing exercise and am quite proud of the finished product.


Calla Lilies

Green Hydrangea

Flame Calla Lilies

Cherry Blossoms



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