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ConventionTotes on Facebook

I maintained ConventionTotes.com’s Facebook presence. I searched out and posted interesting links and articles pertaining to the company philosophy of “recycle, reuse and repurpose”.  Topics included recycling, crafts, green living, earth sciences and the environment.

We also shared information and websites that our target customer base might be interested in, such as wedding planning, destination weddings, school fundraising, corporate functions, non-profits and family reunions.

While I was taking care of the Facebook wall, I was able to increase the number of “Likes” and followers, and photos and product info posts were being Shared, which is the optimal way to increase brand awareness.

I really enjoyed taking care of it. I have fun with my own Facebook page.

Convention Totes Facebook page

Convention Totes - Facebook About

Convention Totes Facebook -more

Convention Totes Facebook -more2

Convention Totes Facebook -more3



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