Diane Burrell, Writer

A portfolio of my professional work

Beverly Hills Consignment

Beverly Hills Consignment is a small company selling gently-used designer clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. Everything is exquisite, and most of it is consigned from Beverly Hills, Brentwood and some of the other pricier parts of town.  I wrote copy for items being sold on PropertyRoom, Ebay, Etsy and the Beverly Hills Consignment website itself, and also spent time researching designers’  histories for factoids and quotes. I learned quite a bit about fabric, sizing, seaming, collars, silhouettes, pockets, necklines, cuffs and colors…and I found it all fascinating.

The template changed several times as we tried new layouts. We went with facts and quotes and clever headlines for awhile, as demonstrated by this listing for a New Year’s Eve promotion:

Juicy Couture Mary Jane Pumps


I loved some of the silly and fun headlines I came up with. During the holidays I used the words twinkle, shine, shimmer, glimmer, gleam, glisten, glitter, glow, translucent, radiant, rich, indulgent, luxurious and pretty much every other adjective that said Christmas.

Eventually we streamlined the information to make it easier and faster to get the descriptions online:

 Chanel Boutique Gold Brocade Evening Coat


I still got to play around with descriptions and colors. I love finding new ways to describe colors.  Using yummy-sounding colors is a subtle way to encourage positive feelings in a potential customer, as well. Depending on the shade, pink can be flamingo, blush, cherry, raspberry, strawberry ice cream, bubble gum and more.

Fashion Handbag Faux Ostrich Handbag in Strawberry Ice Cream Pink

PR - Pink Handbag2

I also started taking some of the pictures for the listings, discovering I had a talent for composition and styling. I took the shots for this listing:

John Varvatos Handcrafted Leather Crossbody Bag

PR - JOHN VARVATOS  Leather Bag2

I also wrote the copy for “Size Accuracy” and “Returns and Refunds”:


These are a couple of listings I wrote for the Etsy account, which I also managed:

 Vintage Christian Lacroix Tiger Print Lame‘ Jacket

Vintage Christian Lacroix Tiger Print Lamé2

Vintage Bob Mackie Black Lace Gown

Vintage Bob Mackie Black Lace Gown2

I can honestly say that I loved seeing the clothes, doing the research and writing the copy.


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